An error occurred while updating portal 2 disk io failure internet dating for young professionals

After fixing the problem, copy the directory manually from the source to the destination middle tier.

For more information, refer to the Upgrade documentation, available on Oracle AS Portal Center at exists in the Oracle home running the Oracle Enterprise Manager Services.

In release 9.0.4, the Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle home will be the same as the source Oracle home.

In release 9.0.2, the active Oracle Enterprise Manager home location is specified in the Verify that the file exists in the source Oracle home, that the disk is not full, and that you have write permission in the directory.

If you receive any error messages after the precheck step, you must fix the problem, restore your database from its backup, and then run the upgrade again. Re-enable the job queue by raising the job_queue_processes database parameter to a value greater than 0, and allow the jobs to complete.

The file is located in the following directory of the source Oracle home and the destination Oracle home: This section contains error messages that are specific to the Oracle AS Portal Repository upgrade.

Error messages that are generated after the upgrade has progressed past the precheck stage indicate that the Oracle AS Portal schema has had modifications.


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