Amy holmes dating

She was born in Africa in Zambia to a black man and a white American mother.Her parents broke up when she was three and her mother came back with her to America, where she grew up in Seattle. In those days she was a Democrat, did not eat meat, worked for animal rights and voted for Bill Clinton.OP Jamal is a great guy, very funny he loves super smart women who can hold their own. bureau for the situation room just about every day, in the political analyst circuit together, also around the same age ,etc...He is is not super tall but is just a tab bit taller then 5'9 i'm 99.9% sure that was just a friendly picture. trust me, amy only likes old white guys so she wouldn't like him.


he's on facebook if you want to hollar.if you want more info I have known him for years and I don't think that is true unless it is very very recent. as for jamal, don't know if he's single but he's shorter than he looks on tv, about 5'9..


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    1.) MYTH: He's jealous of other guys, so he wants to be monogamous.

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