Amish dating customs

Why don't the Amish use electricity or cars and tractors?In Amish life, isolation from the rest of society is viewed as a way to keep themselves from unnecessary temptation.They cite Romans 12:2 as their guide: (KJV)The Amish do not hook up to the electrical grid, which prevents the use of televisions, radios, computers, and modern appliances.Some of their clothes are fastened with straight pins or hooks, to avoid buttons, which might be a source of pride.Their , or rule for living, specifies everything from what type of shoes may be worn to the width of hat brims.By Jack Zavada Amish life is fascinating to outsiders, but much of the information we have about the Amish faith and culture is inaccurate.

They believe outside culture has a morally polluting effect.

They think it promotes pride, greed, immorality and materialism.

Why do the Amish keep to themselves and not associate with the rest of us?

If you keep in mind that the practice of humility is the main motivation for almost everything the Amish do, Amish life becomes more understandable.


Women wear a white prayer covering on their head if they are married, black if they are single. Mustaches are prohibited because they are associated with the 19th century European military.

The Amish are nonviolent and are conscientious objectors.


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