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Growing up, even though he had very limited hearing, he gravitated towards music with thumping noises and started making some of his own.

After a few days, we headed northeast to the city of Santiago where we had another 500 patients waiting to be fit for hearing aids.

One of the first people we met was a 19 year-old named Brian.

When he was only 1, he received medication that left him blind, physically scarred and nearly completely deaf.

At 8, he had surgery performed on his ears but a mistake was made and his right ear was perforated which caused further hearing damage.

When we started LSTN, our goal was to create incredible audio products with purpose built into every purchase. Since launching, we've been able to take 11 missions with our non-profit partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Located on the Caribbean Sea at the mouth of the Ozama River, Santo Domingo was the first European settlement in the Americas, dating back to 1492.We arrived at the site where we met an adorable 5 year-old boy named Royneld Miguel.This week in the Dominican Republic was no different; your purchases helped 1,419 people hear for the first time.April 17: we landed in Santo Domingo, a city with rich history and the capital of Dominican Republic.


Like 40% of our patients in Santo Domingo, he was born with little-to-no hearing.Just a few minutes after fitting him with new hearing aids, Royneld was able to hear for the first time!


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