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The truck receives a revamped grille, new-look headlights, and a redesigned lower bumper with honeycomb inserts.Volkswagen's press shots only show the Amarok Aventura, a new upscale variant positioned near the top end of the lineup.For general enquiries and customer care please contact us via: Telephone: General Enquiries: 1800 607 822 (For General Enquiries, Customer Support or Complaint Management) Recall Enquiries: 1800 504 076 (For enquiries relating to Volkswagen vehicle recall programs) E-mail: [email protected] Mail: Volkswagen Group Australia, PO Box 414 Regents Park NSW 2143 Business Hours: am-pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time (excluding all National and NSW public holidays) am-pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time (excluding all National and NSW public holidays) This information is collected in accordance with the Volkswagen Privacy Policy (see below).The first V6 ever fitted to the Amarok is a 3.0-liter TDI unit that's offered with either 163, 204, or 224 horsepower.Rear-wheel drive comes standard, but buyers can order the truck with either on-demand four-wheel drive or permanent all-wheel drive at an extra cost.Four-wheel drive models come with a manual transmission, while all-wheel drive trucks exclusively ship with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.The updated Volkswagen Amarok will go on sale in Europe and in a handful of other overseas markets in September. Here at Leftlane, we believe the contributions of the community are just as valuable as those of our staff.It still won't be sold in the United States, but sources close to the Wolfsburg-based car maker suggest the next-generation model that's set to arrive before the end of the decade might be developed with U. The Web, at its core, is a medium for information sharing and communication.

i already thought about that, but there are still some things i need amarok for...

i also thought about quitting kde altogether, because it is so memory-consuming and with each version it becomes slower and slower, and more and more things don't work any longer (amarok, kmail, pim, ...).

The Amarok can tow nearly 8,000 pounds in its most capable configuration.

Staying true to tradition, the visual updates are more evolutionary than revolutionary.


Entry-level models carry on with black bumpers and steel wheels.

The cabin has been overhauled, addressing one of the current model's biggest shorcomings, but pictures haven't been released yet.


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