Am i dating a bad boy


If you seem to step back and allow him to get all of the glory, even if you were the one that did the work, then you may have an addiction to this type of person.

If you find that your partner gets angry easily, you may try to cheer him up by doing whatever possible to make him get out of the bad mood.

You will try giving extra affection or make a special meal in an attempt for him to stop his anger toward you.

What follows are seven signs that you may be addicted to men with a “bad boy” reputation.

Some of these points may seem obvious while others will cause you to think.

Have you identified a pattern in your dating where the guys you go out with are emotionally unavailable but at the same time, sexually magnetic?

If you answered yes to these questions, you likely have an addiction to bad boys.

The picture we are using here is typical of many bad boys. The dude has the quintessential bad boy look – grungy, tatted up and on a motorcycle.



Do you find yourself attracted to guys from “the wrong side of town”?Are you weirdly drawn to men that have an element of danger about them?Most all of them have tattoos in some shape or form.They often are underemployed or unemployed, drink too much alcohol and sometimes do drugs.

Read them all so you can full absorb their deeper meaning.Bad boys enjoy having people look up to them and will become angry or withdrawn if someone else seems to be getting the attention instead of themselves.


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