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“The program has challenged me in so many ways, and I’ve gained so many life skills that I’ll use in my future legal career.It’s been an awesome experience to open my eyes to the issues and current crisis we’re facing with education in America.” An Edmond, Oklahoma, native, Baker teaches second grade in Oklahoma City at Coolidge Elementary, a Title I school where 100 percent of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch.She’s smart, well spoken and incredibly passionate about the issues that matter most to her.But it’s also clear within minutes of talking to her that she isn’t in it for the prestige, power or even the job title.“I’ve looked into education law because of the great need for that.Alyssa Baker ’14 always planned to become a lawyer.High school, then college, then law school: That was the trajectory.She’s in it to make a difference in whatever way she can.


“Every day I teach these amazing students, and I’ve seen how much they deserve that they’re not getting,” Baker says.

“Being here has been an important lesson for me and led me to be an advocate for education equity.” Baker will begin law school at the University of Oklahoma this fall, and she’s very much what one might expect of a future law student.


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