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These sites are related to our previous blog about the Russian Adult sites pumping the Fake Anti Virus (Ranswome Ware) Malware. “Adult dating site 2551.are pumping the Fake Anti-Virus (Ransom Ware) infections.

The malware sites pretend to offer adult oriented entertainment.

Uninstalling from Windows 8Uninstalling from Windows 7Uninstalling from Windows XPDeleting the Pokki Folder Removing Pokki Add-Ons and Extensions Community Q&A Since Pokki may have been bundled with third-party programs which can harm your computer, you may want to uninstall it and it's associated content.

Check out the “Removing Pokki Add-Ons and Extensions” or “Deleting Pokki Folder” sections at the end of this article to ensure all the associated files are deleted from your computer.

Find your favorite apps and games faster with improved search, and discover content matched to your interests with the new app recommendation engine.

It's now easier than ever to discover and download your favorite desktop, web, and social , [Pixsta] is a dramatically better way to experience the service.

Content ratings describe the minimum age we feel the content is suitable for.Get it now, and your friends' cat videos will never look the same again.- PCWorld OS upgrade fixes a lot of things, but the classic pop-up Start menu isn’t one of them.You may also consider using a malware detection software to find and delete the files which could be harmful.These utilities—four of them, free—can fill the gap.

Whether you prefer a plain Start menu, a customizable one, or loads of extras, one of these programs can give you the Windows 8.1 you wanted in the first pl..."[Pokki] turns an ordinary computer desktop into a sort of smartphone home screen, boasting app discovery for users and significant distribution opportunities for developers." - PC Magazine AU9Google officially released Chrome Apps, apps that “look and behave like native apps” on the desktop.

Random yahoo unwanted unsolicited spam messages lead you to this website..


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