Allods not updating

The single-player Distortions will send players careening back in time to undo events bungled in the past.

Each Distortion must be completed solo with no mercenaries or fellow players.

These instanced events will feature randomly generated monsters and objectives so, while taking place in the allod of Dane, each will have its own flavor.

Completion of these Distortions which take significantly less time than Astral allods will see players rewarded with near top-end gear.

The Allods Online site has been updated with a preview of Update 7.2: New Order.

In the forthcoming content expansion, four new Astral allods and six single-player adventures called "Distortions" will be unlocked, each providing players with different paths to gear up their characters.

Dubbed Burning Skies, this update includes new monsters, traps, and auras as well as weekly and seasonal rewards for maze owners.

In order to defend the maze, creators can start adding kobolds (a starter set will be give to each maze owner) and a mimic chest (which owners will receive in a letter via in-game mail).

Completion of Astral allods will provide players with the opportunity to collect rare, epic and legendary equipment and dust to work with gear of any quality. You can learn more about New Order by visiting the Allods Online site.

Allods Online will be coming down for maintenance in the early hours of October 13th to deploy the Blazing Skies update.

The content expansion brings a lot of great new features to explore including a smoother path to join in raid adventures for single players through the implementation of Raid Search.

If you do, or you plan to, you’ll want to take note of the changes coming in update 7.0.2.Additionally, traps and auras of various affects can be set up to strengthen defenders or weaken invaders; both of these will consume previously purchased supplies, but only if the aura/trap effects are triggered.


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