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A failure while staging the firmware on one or more interconnects automatically ends the firmware update operation.The ID number can also be displayed by pressing and holding the main unit’s ZONE2 SOURCE and TUNE + for at least 3 seconds.If the upgrade is not successful, an error message identical to those in “Firmware” - “Update” will appear on the display.“Update retry” appears on the display and update restarts from the point at which update failed.If the error continues despite this, check the network environment.During staging, the firmware is written (uploaded) into the secondary flash memory of the interconnect but is not activated.You need to activate the staged firmware for it to become the new firmware baseline.Check the conditions according to the message and try the update again. If the procedure has not been carried out, “-------” is displayed.

Check the settings and network environment and then perform the upgrade again.

Once updating/upgrade starts, normal operations on this unit cannot be performed until updating/upgrading is completed.

Furthermore, there may be cases where backup data is reset for the parameters, etc., set on this unit.

If the update or upgrade fails, press and hold the on the main unit for more than 5 seconds, or remove and re-insert the power cord.


This unit automatically retries updating if updating fails.

If an update still cannot be performed, an "Update Error" message appears in the display, followed by one of the following messages. Press and hold the on the main unit for more than 5 seconds, or remove and re-insert the power cord. When the procedure is complete, “Registered” is displayed in this menu and upgrades can be carried out.


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