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Surroundings carries centerpiece accessories and centerpiece kits, ready to go to your venue.

Floating candle centerpieces, and table decor perfect for your corporate events, wedding centerpieces, banquets, parties or any celebration.

We are the largest supplier of US Navy Warship information.

Started in 1973 to fill the needs of the Model Builder, Naval Enthusiast and the Naval buff.

Select a ready-designed decor or create your own beautiful table display using any of the elements we carry. Create a centerpiece that's just right for your event and your theme!

You'll find table top decor items and other centerpieces just right for weddings, receptions, rehearsals, showers, corporate events, birthday parties, banquets, wakes, anniversaries and many other events, large and small.

Our Japanese art catalog includes works by Azechi, Hasui, Hamaguchi, Harunobu, Hashimoto, Hiroaki, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Inagaki, Itow, Kyokata, Kogan, Koitsu, Koizumi, Koson, Kotondo, Kunisada, Kuniyoshi, Maki, Mori, Munakata, Nakayama, Onchi, Saito, Sekino, Shinshui, Shiro, Shoson, Shunsen, Teraoka, Toraji, Toyokuni III, Tsunetomi, Watanabe, Yamaguchi, Yoshida and many more woodblock print and painting artists. Send us an email with a description of what you’re looking for — there’s a good chance we can find it.

In addition to Japanese print artists, we feature prominent Western woodblock artists who trained and worked in Japan, like Charles Bartlett, Fritz Capelari, Paul Jacoulet, Lillian Miller and Elizabeth Keith.

And since we add new jewelry and have special offers frequently visit our updates page for a summary of what we have been up to recently.Look around to get centerpiece ideas and find the centerpiece of your event!We are so glad you came by to see the great jewelry we have available.This January 1953 publication was the first released since the "Ships-2" instructions of 1945.


We also supply authors, publishers, movie & TV production companies with technical advise and documentation.

We offer a large selection of: The US Navy publication (NAVSHIPS 250-374) is now available in CD format.


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