My grandmother was forced to work as a farmer and cane-cutter to support her child, while caring for the child was assigned to aunt Ada, my grandmother’s eldest sister and the mother of Alfred John.He was the father of Princess John-Padmore, one of my favorite cousins.For Aunt Ada, this was her second tour of duty as a surrogate mother; she had to serve as a mother for Aunt Thamar while she was a teenager and Aunt Thamar was nine and their mother died.While Beryl was in her mid-teens, tragedy struck the family, falling mostly upon a hapless young damsel.



My mommy Beryl, who was fondly known as Sister Beryl, was born to Ketura Spencer (Aunt Tamar) on December 9, 1920, Christened as Carlotta Augustina John. No, this had nothing to do with an immaculate conception: a man named Smith John impregnated my grandmother then died nine days before his child was born.

Aunt Ada’s only daughter, Princess, who was about 12 years older than Beryl, and to whom a man named Alexander Leander Gustavus Abrams (Allick) was engaged, died suddenly.


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