Adult spank chat

this one is about someone who is not out but is a spanko in secret.

For those who love their vanilla spouse/partner/significant other but they don't share your attraction to spanking... The idea of spanking personal ads has been around for a long time. There are a few others with ambitions that have come and gone.

Our sex hungry bitches love talking filthy phone sex to you. We believe we provide the best UK phone sex lines available.

There are eighty-bajillion spanking blogs out there, and 99% are written by someone who is "out" as a spanko...

When you type spanko into google, the first entry you get is

It used to be called SIN a/k/a Spanking Internet Network -I think.

I have tons of movies downloaded over the years and just never cared about what they had on there enough to do so.If you have a particular 'private fantasy' or 'special interest' then speak to one of our special call arrangers, when you are given the option to do so at the end of the recordings.They can find a girl who will deliver exactly what you want, no matter how unusual, within seconds! If telephone sex is your thing our phone fuck girls are here. If you are after a quick wank our cheap dirty phone sluts can oblige. We can help with cheap hardcore sex whatever your fantasy. (And yes, less than a week after a post complaining about the word "spanko" I'm using it in three times in the first two sentences of this paragraph I guess the word serves its purpose).

is an all-encompassing site with a forum, and movies, and a great chatroom, and a social network aspect plus personal ads.Never had much luck with their personal ads either, but did make some nice acquaintances, and the chatroom there is probably the best for spanking chat (and has been for a long time).


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