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So what that a couple of songs feature a banjo or a steel guitar. So the next question is, where is the label MCA Nashville in all of this, and the Country Music Association?

This arguably makes the offense even worse because it proves they know they’re trying to put one over on consumers. Don’t they have a stake in making sure at least some control is levied and boundaries set around what country music actually is?

For every element someone presents to claim this album is country, I can present fifteen that prove it patently isn’t. Where are the radio programmers putting up the stop sign, protecting the integrity of the genre?

How about Billboard who is including Sam Hunt’s albums and songs in their country charts?

At the moment, Sam Hunt’s album bests all other country albums, sitting at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart for its debut week.

His lead single “Leave The Night On” is #1 on the Country Airplay chart, meaning no song was played more on country radio in the last week.

This is the type of gaming of the country music term that has become typical over the past couple of years.


Forget all of the tired arguments about what is country and what is pop, and how pop has always been a part of country.

All of that goes without saying when broaching discussions on acts like Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line, to the point of calling them are not country, and this goes beyond opinion.

And it is also #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart, meaning overall it’s received more attention than any other song by radio and consumers.

There was barely time to pay attention to Hunt’s EP released in August before his full-length was announced to take advantage of his rapidly-rising demand.

This is not Jerrod Niemann striking out with a gimmicky EDM song as the last dying gasp of a sputtering career, this is an artist poised to become a country music mega-star. is an excruciatingly-typical urban dance album that does Molly-laced grinds up against every single worn out trope of the velvet-roped, indirect-lighted, cocktail club scene and the music thereof.Aside from the banjo in the song “House Party,” the steel guitar in “Single for the Summer,” and the sentiment in “Break Up In A Small Town,” this ten-song LP is a product of the pop/EDM world 100%.


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