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It was a typical consumer facing application serving web and mobile clients.The entire application was written in Java (JSE and JEE) in a typical 3-tier architecture topology.The experience was a hair-losing and maddeningly frustrating one.When I started work, it was very obvious to me that there needed to be an effort to redesign the existing architecture of the system.If you implement an independent JNDI tree for each node in the cluster, the failover is developer's responsibility.Scaling out a java application traditionally has not been easy.There are a number of technologies that allow you to distribute data across multiple JVMs, but most of them are cumbersome, high maintenance and do not scale linearly.


Let's discuss the pain points involved in using three different approaches namely EJBs, JMS and POJOs.I am going to start this article by outlining my experience as a server lead for a major services company for more than 3 years, focusing mainly on the major pain points we faced in an effort to cluster our application in a cost effective manner.As it turned out, as the user-base grew, the database was the major bottleneck towards RAS and performance.We had a couple of options: pay a major database vendor an astronomical sum to buy their clustering solution, or redesign the architecture to be a high-performing RAS system.


The application was deployed on 2 application server nodes.

All transient and persistent data was pushed into the Database to address high availability.


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