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These included the French, based on the Gulf Coast and in Louisiana, the English of the Southeast, and the Spanish of Florida and Louisiana during the colonial era.

During the American Revolution, most Choctaw supported the Thirteen Colonies' bid for independence from the British Crown.

The Choctaw and the United States (US) agreed to nine treaties and, by the last three, the US gained vast land cessions and deracinated most Choctaw west of the Mississippi River to Indian Territory. wanted to expand territory available for settlement by European Americans, The Choctaw negotiated the largest area and most desirable lands in Indian Territory.

They were the first Native Americans forced under the Indian Removal Act. Their early government had three districts, each with its own chief, who together with the town chiefs sat on the National Council.

In a new treaty after the war, the US required them to emancipate their slaves and offer them full citizenship; they have become known as Choctaw Freedmen.

They appointed a Choctaw Delegate to represent them with the US government in Washington, DC. During the American Civil War, the Choctaw in both Oklahoma and Mississippi mostly sided with the Confederate States of America.

By the 1831 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, those Choctaw who chose to stay in the newly formed state of Mississippi were one of the first major non-European ethnic groups to become U. The Confederacy suggested it would support a state under Indian control if it won the war.


The early Spanish explorers of the mid-16th century encountered Mississippian-culture villages and chiefs.The Choctaw coalesced as a people in the 17th century, and developed three distinct political and geographical divisions: eastern, western and southern, which sometimes created differing alliances with nearby European powers.


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