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", tests out 'As seen on TV' products where she uses and them reviews them in a video.American videographer; posts daily vlogs on his You Tube channel with over 5 million subscribers and 1 billion views; creator of several corporate ads and viral videos; Winner, 2016 Shorty Awards 'You Tuber of the Year'.Known for haul videos, makeup/hair tutorials, recipes, and do it yourself.

You Tubers, sometimes referred to as You Tube personalities or You Tube celebrities, are a class of Internet celebrity who have gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing website You Tube.

Some You Tube personalities have corporate sponsors, such as Polaris, who pay for product placement in their clips or production of online ads. The following is a list of You Tubers, organized alphabetically by first name.

Her vlogs focus on fashion, make-up, lifestyle and paranormal occurrences.

Her most famous web series, "Does This Thing Really Work?

Animator, voice actor, actor, and video game pundit known for his animations (such as the Awesome Series, Sequelitis, and Girlchan in Paradise!!

) and co-creating the Let's Play series, Game Grumps. Quadcopter pilot, notable for three videos; one with a quadcopter discharging a handgun with live rounds whilst flying (3.4 million+ hits), one with a quadcopter carrying a flame thrower, and another whilst he being assaulted by a female sunbather (480,000+ hits).


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