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Massive construction projects took place and recently a new modern building in memory of John Galsworthy was finished.Students based here study: Arts and Social Sciences, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Planning, Computing and Information Systems and Mathematics, Earth Sciences and Geography, Statistics, Biosciences, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science, and Radiography.Recent development at this site has seen an extension to the current Learning Resources Centre.

Kingston was recognised as a Regional College of Technology by Ministry of Education in 1957.In 1970 it merged again with the College of Art to become Kingston Polytechnic, offering 34 major courses, of which 17 were at degree level.Kingston University was granted university status under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.In 1993, Kingston opened the Roehampton Vale campus building and in 1995, Kingston acquired Dorich House.

The four campuses are located in Kingston and Roehampton.

There is a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate work spread across five faculties, as well as some further education provisions.


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