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A former firefighter and emergency services worker when he was arrested, Revak was also a parent (wife Johanna also worked for Taney County, MO) and well-liked by many who knew him.


If it is accurate, the resemblance between the Harm suspect’s heavy chin and deep-set eyes and Chris Revak’s photo is unmistakable.

There is a catch: the suspect in Deidre Harm’s disappearance and death had a “tribal tattoo” on his left arm.

She was seen at some bars in the area the night before she was reported missing.

Harm’s remains were found outside Rapids, WI, 6 months after she disappeared.

He may have killed as many as 4 women in Missouri and elsewhere.Even though it was recently revealed that he’d spent time in Wisconsin jails for minor crimes including traffic offenses and disorderly conduct, it seems like Revak was leading a double life when he was arrested for Williams’s murder.


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