Adult dating in burlington

My lady and I prefer to take kayaks out on the beautiful Lake Champlain, cruise down the waterfront bike path, or take a hike up Mt. The wilderness is one of the best parts of Vermont, you guys, and it’s completely accessible just a few minutes from downtown Burlington.So let one Vermont native and one transplant to the great Green Mountain State show you the ropes! Some say there are no lesbian bars in town, but we say there are ONLY lesbian bars in town.Walk into nearly any bar in Burlington (or walk down any street or visit any farm or do any THING) and you will certainly see enough gay girls to make your head spin. You’ll likely hear “farm-to-table,” “locavore,” “know your farmer,” and other catchphrases of the local food movement enough times to make you want to trade in your desk chair for a tractor and get to work. First Friday is a series of queer dance parties on the first Friday of every month at Higher Ground. Some call it Brrrrlington (yes, it snows a lot here).But everyone who’s right calls it Grrrlington and there’s a reason.They host great gay events, too (more on this later). The running joke is that in Burlington, you have to come out as straight. And I wasn’t the only one who came to this realization. In addition to the drag sisters from the locally revered House of Le May, performances include other local cabaret and drag favorites like The Goodwives, Kings Local 802, and Bro Loko.

That being said, there are a few go-to spots for the savvy queers. If you’re in the mood for grazing, the Burlington Farmers Market are the best spots. Prepare to be surrounded by fabulous gays, fabulous music, and fabulous fabulousness.

The Three Needs is another great spot to hear music in a cozy bar setting. One time I went to a party and realized I’d been on a date with every single person in the room. It’s a difficult task to find a place that isn’t gay-friendly. NOTE: If there’s a lesbian you want to avoid seeing, don’t go to First Friday. Pop-Up Queer Dance Parties are the other big deal in Burlington. You never know where they’ll be, or who you’ll lock eyes with across the dance floor! Winter is a Drag Ball is an annual event hosted by the House of Le May at Higher Ground to raise money for the Vermont People with Aids Coalition — it always, always sells out and it’s always the biggest, gayest, most debaucherous party of the year.


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