Adult dating in beirut

So they created this temporary marriage, where a woman can marry, secretly, a married man. At the same time, you have to wait forty days after you finish the marriage until you can do another one, in case the woman is pregnant.” This is not a practice commonly invoked in Hamze’s circles, but she added, “I guess it’s secret, so you never know.

Within the sensitive, light-hearted comedy, writer-director Assad Fouladkar manages to incorporate plots involving the practices of temporary marriage, multiple wives and verbal divorces.

In all three instances, Fouladkar attempts to find an unusual or humorous twist in the way the characters interact within Islamic customs and allowances.

Years earlier, Loubna’s parents arranged her marriage after rejecting a proposal from the man she loved as a teen, a greengrocer named Abu Ahmed (Rodrigue Sleiman).


Within Islam, this is a permissible practice, but it is a secret, short-term contract because the man has a family.

Thus, while the religion allows it, Loubna must hide the arrangement from her acquaintances to avoid harsh judgment and damage to her reputation.

Hamze said she was intrigued by the rules of the temporary marriage and did research to find out its origins.

“I discovered that it comes from an historical event where women were left after men went to war and died,” Hamze told me.

“So the women were still young, but at the same time they were widows at the age of 17 or 18.They had sexual drive, they needed a sexual life, and they couldn’t get that out of Islam because it was an Islamic state.


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