Adult dating belcourt north dakota


She said her recommendation of 10 years with five years suspended was similar to the deal Kovalevich turned down before trial.

He declined comment as he was led out of the court room.He came to North Dakota in 2010 from his home in Middleton, Del., to work and volunteer in St.Kovalevich, 28, had asked for a 10-year sentence with five years suspended.His attorney, Kiara Kraus-Parr, reminded state District Judge Sonja Clapp that Kovalevich’s victim, in a written statement to the court, said she didn’t want him to go to prison at all.

He took advantage “of a young Native girl who lived on the reservation, who was vulnerable and whose station in life didn’t allow her to have cell phones, to stay in hotel rooms or go out to eat,” by giving her those things and leading her into a sexual relationship, Larson said Monday.

Because of the girl’s age and Kovalevich’s age, it was a violent crime, Larson said.


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