Adult chat texting jobs in uk Free video sex chat rooms no registration


If you want an online job there are ethical ones and this one you want to stay clear of.

So many jump in out of desperation and in this case as I was, I learned a hard lesson. I can say that the time I have worked for them, I haven't had a problem so if you are looking at adult texting - don't take one person's opinion, everyone is different and not everyone can commit to working from home and more often than not, thats where the problem comes in.

Not to mix with immoral, unethical, lying people without any integrity whatsoever. I know of other people who have had issues with Text121 as well.

Also, as you mentioned it is adult texting so if you are not comfortable with that then its really not a job for you. You cannot make a living like this unless you live in the chat and have no outside responsibilitie or life.

There is only one company that I know of that offers non-adult texting and they currently have a waiting list which is quite long and another company that is PG but be warned the customers can still say what they want. This is a warning to anyone considering applying for a position with this company. I worked for them for a year and they promised to give a pay increase and then they said they could not pay us the agreed amount and only the lower rate or they would have to go out of business.



Whydowork has a list of texting companies under the work at home jobs link however most on the list require at least 3-6mths experience and one (jet) is by referral only last I heard.If you do a search on this forum you will find information on text121 which is the one that hires newbies most often to gain experience. You're required to do 2000 messages per month at 7 cents per message, then if you don't you get locked out.They had somewhere in the range of one million messages and imagine at .00 or more per message they receive revenue from and they pay theire employees peanuts!They don't have decency to reply to email, they block you out and they mistreat they're employees.

I would definately suggest doing your research, there is a private folder on which you must PM Cheryl the owner to get access to and it has a wealth of information including loads of questions that have been asked as well as links to apply. Anotherwords they would go out of business after they lied !

Then they ruin your computer by sending ut computer viruses.


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