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And we chatted about life, love, their ’hood, their careers, their dreams.Q: What are you two doing for Shakespeare’s big day? Or The Nurse maybe: I like being dramatic, and I like helping. I’m interested in helping, teaching; I always have been. Being a little monster myself, and going to school with not a lot of little monsters in it (has inspired me): I want to teach little monsters so that they can fit into the world, to encourage kids that they can live their dreams. Princeton: The BA is the beginning for most people. Kate: People tell me I remind them of someone from an older Sesame Street, one I haven’t seen.PREVIEWAvenue QTheatre: Citadel Shoctor Theatre, 9828 101 A Ave.Directed by: Dana Tekatch Starring: Andrew Mac Donald-Smith, Rachel Bowron Running: through May 24Tickets: 780-425-1820, You know that weird feeling of unreality you get when you suddenly realize you’re grown up, and, good grief!Avenue Q isn’t just down the block from Sesame Street.

, you’re not just in prep mode for life but your life has actually started?The sassy coming-of age puppet/human musical that opens at Citadel Theatre on Thursday is all about that.


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