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The Wimius Q1, on the other hand, retails for around and was included in this roundup as the inexpensive dark horse in the 4K action cam race. And considering Sony have been in professional, prosumer and consumer video since it all started decades ago, I am not surprised. One thing I would like to see, is how well IS works.




Action cameras have come a long way since the very first Go Pro hit the market in 2005 (it used 35mm film, if you can believe that.) They've increasingly shrunk in size, and video quality has improved dramatically with each new generation.

Many offer rear LCDs (a rarity a few years ago), some are even waterproof/shockproof without the need for a case and certain models can even be used for live broadcast. Of course, there are a lot of action cameras available on the market, but there are far fewer capable of 4K video capture.


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