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“For whatever reason, I wanted to get off the boat. There were some words, but there weren’t any threats of killing.” He still bristles at learning about the maritime law that governs the discharging of crew at sea.

Darwin Deason denies that he threatened to kill the chef. “There certainly was a threat of getting a gun and doing something,” says one person intimately acquainted with the details of the incident. The 118-foot luxury yacht ostensibly belonged to Deason, founder and chairman of Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services, or ACS.

Deason himself had overseen a major refit of the boat the year before, which entailed reinforcing the upper deck so that it could support a massive hot tub.

As the standoff dragged on for hours, the ship’s captain, Don Hopkins, worked the satellite phone, frantically trying to reach someone back in Dallas who could mollify Deason.

Another source says that Deason pulled Saxon and Abercrombie aside and asked them, “Would you guys be willing to beat the shit out of the chef for me if I asked you to?

The Cartoush was sailing the waters off the Exuma chain of islands when the trouble started.

It was in the early afternoon, and Deason, for one reason or another, flew into a rage.

“The guy was definitely having a psychotic episode,” says a source.




Darwin Deason founded Affiliated Computer Services and built it into a Fortune 500 Company. But now an employee claims that Deason enjoyed his riches at the expense of shareholders—and the IRS.Accounts differ as to what exactly happened aboard the Cartoush II during its pleasure cruise in the Bahamas in September 2001.


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