Accomodating learning disabilities


Were working on the upcoming paper in my critical writing class.

However, multiple studies prove this inference wrong.

New terms refocus attention from an overall deficiency to a narrow developmental disorder that affects how the student learns.

One paper clearly stood out from the others: it was clear and artfully written, filled with specific support for a provocative idea. When measuring his academic abilities - the abilities to interpret assignments or negotiate the mechanics of college - Albert was incompetent. I think he had the potential to learn more in my class than he did, but the standard practices of education didnt work for him.

Students who, like Albert, do not learn well in traditional educational situations are often labeled learning disabled. Learning disabled literally means not able to learn and creates a stigma for learning disabled students.

He stares at the books for a minute, turns to face the class, and announces, as if he had just awakened: "I just dropped my textbooks in the library return chute." He turns and runs back out again to few muffled titters from the class.

This was not the only disruption with Albert that semester.


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