Accomodating learning

Explaining and understanding the differences between accommodations and modifications in the school setting can help determine the most effective and appropriate placement for students who are deemed eligible for special help.

For example, the following are considered "outside-the-body"/physical/environmental accommodations.


These children need special instruction presented at their level of cognitive development.

Environment: leaving class for academic assistance; preferential seating; altering physical room arrangement; defining limits (physical/behavioral); reducing/minimizing distractions (visual, auditory, both); cooling off period; sign language interpreter.

The egg white represents any student who has a recognized or perceived special need or condition that could impact his/her life.

This student, for whatever reason, does not receive, require or ask for special services and is seen as a successful learner.


Many of these accommodations are used on a regular basis, or as needed, in the general education classroom.

Most teachers see them as simply good teaching strategies: Pacing: extending/adjusting time; allowing frequent breaks; varying activity often; omitting assignments that require timed situations.


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