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This page is introduced and overseen by Dr Margaret Crombie, formerly Support for Learning Manager and Quality Improvement Officer for Highland Council, Scotland; now Educational Consultant specialising in Dyslexia, and Associate Lecturer for the Open University.My research into foreign language learning in schools took place mainly in the early nineties when modern foreign language learning was becoming compulsory for all children in the first four years of secondary school.At that time I was teaching learners with dyslexia full time, and parents were frequently asking me if their children should not be taken out of language learning.Statements such as, “Well, if they can't learn to read and write in their own language, how will they ever cope with learning French, German or whatever?Further investigation led me to two researchers in the United States - Le Ganschow and Richard Sparks, and Le was good enough to send me some details of the work which they had done on the other side of the Atlantic.This was a start, but as their research did not relate directly to school learning, I decided that this should be the topic for my Masters degree which I was about to embark upon.I continue to maintain an interest in this area of learning.


All searches in the UK were negative and it appeared that very few of the recommendations that were being made in Scotland had any research foundation.

Download handout Gaelic phonics Download worksheets Every class teacher's guide to removing barriers and raising attainment by Moira Thomson. Moira Thomson, an experienced teacher and manager with considerable knowledge of dyslexia, has taken a vast amount of current thinking and up-to-date research and put together this easy-to-follow guide.


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