Abundance mindset dating capricorn dating aquarius

You should not be acting like a desperate salesman trying to prove that you’re good enough.

Being the “seller” means you value the approval of others over your own opinion of yourself.

But implementing the “buyer” mindset means raising your self-esteem. What you need to do is change your behavior and develop new habits that breed a high-value mindset.

So I created 4 exercises that will help you cultivate a confident mentality of choice and abundance.

See for yourself that many people will like you for you. The game is to remember a single fact about each person you talk to.

We need to trick you into being more social by removing the pressure of performing. Objective: Be more social through exposure to different people.

Even when my offer was potentially useful, I struggled to get anyone to hear me out. They envision guys with ill-fitting suits trying to convince them to buy something they don’t want.

So where dating is concerned, I tell my clients: “Be the buyer, not the seller.” This means approaching women with the mindset that YOU are choosing a compatible person for YOU.

You worry about their judgment and you work hard to impress them.

You’re afraid of losing find fulfilling (abundance). As I’ve written before, neediness is the biggest turn-off for women.

cool rather than have genuine fun with the conversation.Then you obsess over every opportunity because you don’t know when you’ll get another one.



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