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One of the longest running RAF USAF exchange officer programs dating back over 40 years, RAF CAM has continued the program hosting members of both the United States Air Force and United States Navy.For every US service member on exchange with the RAF, there is a British counterpart serving with the USAF in the United States.Flt Lt Neil Battye takes to the air with Lt Gen Travis.Lt Gen Travis has more than 1,800 flying hours in single seat fight aircraft and was ecstatic to fly in the same aircraft in which Prince Charles learned to fly.Register now and begin talking with thousands of other members also interested in the ANR/ABF lifestyle.

Gen Travis is welcomed by RAF CAM’s Air Commodore David Jenkins as he warns in signing the distinguished visitors’ log. Andrew Reed, Station Photographer, RAF Wyton) On the 13th March 2014, the men and women of the Royal Air Force Centre of Aviation Medicine (RAF CAM) had the honour of welcoming Lieutenant General (Dr) Thomas Travis, the United States Air Force Surgeon General.

Gen Travis’ visit was also a nostalgic one, as he served as an exchange officer with the RAF from April 1996 through June 1998 as the Senior Medical Officer Pilot for the RAF School of Aviation Medicine at Farnborough.



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