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RGBa is the standard RGB model (0,0,0 – 255,255,255) and it adds the last option (a) for the opacity.

Building the New Visual Annotations These note overlays are composed of two main elements, an overlay with the shine and a border with the transparency.

A very interesting, yet simple technique by the ZURB Design Agency, designers who have written a series of articles How To Create Depth And Nice 3D Ribbons Only Using CSS3We will use box-shadow to create a drop-shadow with RGBa, a color model that allows an optimized contrast with any kind of backgrounds.

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We are aware that many readers are tired of “lists” floating around in the Web, but we are confident that the vast majority of our visitors will benefit from this post format and will find at least some of the techniques featured in this post useful.

CSS and Java Script are extremely powerful tools for designers and developers.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with the one excellent idea that would solve a problem that you are facing right now.

In this post we present 45 useful CSS/Java Script-techniques that may help you find clever solutions to some of your problems or just get inspired by what is possible with CSS.

We cover interesting CSS-techniques, navigation menus, CSS typography, CSS lists and CSS buttons.

Good news: almost every day designers and developers come up with fresh and clever CSS tricks and techniques and share them with other developers online.

We regularly collect all these tricks, filter them, sort them, revise them and prepare them for Smashing Magazine readers.

Other techniques (CSS tables, CSS layouts, CSS for Mobile and CSS forms) will be featured in an upcoming article.So don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed for similar articles and a stream of useful resources.



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