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He also had a recurring role on Disney's Good Luck, Charlie and played Young Sam Merlotte in [True Blood](series:200767).Cate's father, Jim, came onto the scene to offer some patriarchal guidance and fill the absence left by John Ritter. was Cate's nephew who came onto the scene the same time as her father.


Since his time as a Hennessy, Spanjers appeared as guest in Grey's Anatomy, i Carly, and Saving Grace.

Tragically, John passed away during the show's filming, but his influence clearly lived on in later seasons.

It goes without saying that we were all fortunate to have a few final moments of John doing what John did best, and that's just one of the things that made 8 Simple Rules a standout.

Old Hollywood star James Garner appeared in The Notebook around the same time as 8 Simple Rules, and he lent his voice to movies like Battle for Terra and Superman/Shazam! Garner passed away in 2014 at the age of 86, leading many of his sitcom co-stars to write tributes online. He added extra comic relief during the family's most trying time.

In honor of John and his lasting legacy, let's take a look at what the cast of 8 Simple Rules has been doing since the show wrapped 10 years ago.

Who could've guessed that the lovably dim-witted Bridget would go on to be one of the biggest TV stars of our generation?



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