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Initially we weren't sure if this just meant Moto Maker customisation would allow you to choose the finish of the back panel during purchase, but according to the source these back panels are indeed swappable, meaning you could have one for every day of the week if you so desired.The finishes pictured include leather, various wood grains (including what looks like bamboo, and what's described as "ballistic nylon".For a little while now it has been clear that the forthcoming Moto Z line-up would feature some element of modular design, but what remained a mystery was whether this was purely functional via the Moto Mods we've seen leaked already (camera attachments, battery packs, and so on) or whether it would also have a visual customisation leaning similar to what we've seen on previous Moto devices.Today it seems we have confirmation that there will indeed be options for users to customise the look and even feel of their Moto Z device as a set of leaked photos has emerged via Chinese tech site Motorola Mobility and Lenovo have confirmed an announcement event for June 9 where the duo promises to "transform mobile, again," and at this point we're pretty sure that means the Moto Z Style, Moto Z Play, and a selection of "Moto Mods" modules to customise the new handsets.

Of course, with the feature being open to third party manufacturers there's no reason why some enterprising souls can't make a module which is both functional and visually pleasing.Motorola -- or, should I say, Lenovo -- has a solid reputation when it comes to building, functional well-specced phones.However, the wording suggests this feature is likely going to come from a Moto Module rather than on the phone itself, as the magnetic points are for attaching the modules.Plus, it makes more sense that way - a 10x optical zoom actually built into the phone would make it a massive bulky thing.

For those of us across the pond, the DROID brand is essentially how Verizon carrier-locks and markets Motorla flagships and has done for some considerable time.We don't know if or how the DROID models will be different from the unlocked and non-US facing editions; which will be called the Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play, but we do know that they're based on the same model so although there may be a few changes they won't be massively far removed.



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