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Population: 4,975,593 (July 2010 estimate)Capital: Abu Dhabi Bordering Countries: Oman and Saudi Arabia Area: 32,278 square miles (83,600 sq km)Coastline: 819 miles (1,318 km)Highest Point: Jabal Yibir at 5,010 feet (1,527 m)United Arab Emirates is a country located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula.

It has coastlines along the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf and it shares borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation that was originally formed in 1971.

These sheikdoms were known to have constantly been in dispute with one another and as a result constant raids on ships the area was called the Pirate Coast by traders in the 17th and early 19th centuries. then promised to provide military support to the sheikhdoms if needed. decided to end the treaty with the Trucial Sheikhdoms.

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