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Throughout Kaffrine district some 1,500 houses have been destroyed and 7,500 people affected.

(ACAPS, ) A total of 12,180 people have so far been directly affected by floods in Senegal.

The Kaffrine area on 24 July received an unprecedented amount of over 175 mm of rainfall in less than a day.

According to local authorities, 10,313 people were directly affected by the floods inundating their fields and sweeping away stocks of millet or other crops.

The nutritional situation is critical, with two several regions and departments exceeding the WHO threshold of 15%.



The districts Kaffrine and Kolda have reportedly been the heaviest affected, with Kaolack and Matam also receiving above average rainfall.Kaolack and Saint Louis also saw localised flooding earlier in July.(OCHA, ) KEY DRIVERS OF THE CRISIS The lean season, as well as low and late funding, continue to increase the overall chronic vulnerability and erode communities' resilience, many of which resort to negative coping strategies.CHAD MULTIPLE ATTACKS IN LAC REGION CAMEROUN UNE ATTAQUE SUICIDE TUE TROIS PERSONNES À MORA Le 21 août, un attentat suicide à Mora, dans la région de l'Extrême-Nord a tué trois personnes et blessé gravement 27 personnes.


CAMEROON SUICIDE ATTACK KILLS THREE IN MORA On 21 August, a suicide bombing in Mora, in the Far North region, killed three people and left 27 seriously injured.The town hosts more than 20,000 IDPs and serves as a hub for humanitarian activities in the Far North.



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