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) not everyones cup of tea but things we love doing, adn try 'Not on the High street' for lovely unusual gifts - its where I am getting something for my hubs from x congrats on 10 yrs, ours is in sept I havnt given it much thought yet but I remember reading somewhere that tin is often relaced these days with pewter or aluminum. I am thinking of 10 small silly gifts leading up to the anniversary?Hi there, It is my 10th Wedding Anniversary in July and i'm really stuck as to what to do or buy for my hubby!We got married in Cyprus and always planned to go back or renew our vows or something really special. I was thinking about just having a party at home for close friends and family, maybe a bbq, bouncy castle (depending n weather) or something themed.We went back to the hotel we married at for our 5th anniversary, but I guess that's tricky if you got married in Cyprus.


Or if he is a business man a nice leather brief case or personalised business card holder?just a few ideas kerry Hi there, It is my 10th Wedding Anniversary in July and i'm really stuck as to what to do or buy for my hubby!But in the real world having kids, bills etc there just isn't that kind of money to be spent! I'm just at a loss so any ideas woul be greatly appreciated!Thanks, Louise Hi Louise It will be our 10th anniversary next May, and I have been trying to think of something momentous to do, because lets face it, many couples don't make 10 years nowadays and I feel really proud to get there!!

I have stuck to the traditional gifts in some shape or from from the 1st year, but tin is really tricky!!

But maybe you could think of something loosely related to tin (eg this year was Willow or Leather for us and OH is a big cricket fan, so I got him tickets to an England cricket match 'leather on willow!! I think each year has both traditional and modern gifts associated, so you could look at the alternative one. I was considering having a garden party or something similar with some of the original guests attending, but especially the attendants, bridesmaids, parents, close family etc.



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