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Well here's where to find an amazing slice even if you're nowhere near those cities.An auto-repair garage in Kentucky Finding the perfect Secret Santa gift (usually on a budget) isn't always easy -- but we've found quite a few goodies under , if we do say so ourselves.Although you know exactly what you need to do today, it's not clear how best to initiate action.You can explain your ingenious ideas to your coworkers and they will likely encourage you to follow...

8 common dog behaviors, explained On Wednesday's episode of ' The Ellen De Generes Show,' the television personality reacted to the election in a clip that was filmed before Trump won.

Charles Pugh, who also served on the Detroit City Council, will spend up to 15 years in prison for crimes the judge said he used his celebrity status to commit.

His actions were called 'reprehensible' When it comes to pizza you immediately think New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, right?

Your internal process seems more important than external circumstances now, prompting you to slip in and out of daydreams instead of fully applying yourself at work. You don't have the whole picture and, thankfully, you're acutely aware that there is more going on than meets the eye.


It may sound like a horrifying movie plot but it was actually a real nightmare.

' It explodes like a warm, shaken Coke' It's common for dogs to be protective of their food, but it isn't a good behavior.



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