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And, much like we tracked down the oldest bar in every state, we've once again culled restaurant associations, historical societies, tourism boards, and business licensing departments nationwide in search of the oldest Though usually the definition of “Greek Cuisine” is something served up by a cook at the Sig Ep House in Tuscaloosa, the oldest restaurant in Alabama is this Bessemer Greek joint that’s been owned by the Koikos family since 1925 and serves up specialties like Greek-style tenderloin and snapper in the massive four-room space that started as a simple counter in 1907.To give them a taste of their own medicine, Alaskans should make it a point any time they’re in New York to visit a bagel shop, take a bite, make a face and say, “It’s good, but not like it is at SIlverbow. ” Because Alaska’s oldest restaurant is also its top bagel bakery, boiling and baking them for more than 50 years at a bakery that’s been operating since almost 70 years before Alaska was a state.We do our best to confirm all orders, but please confirm your orders.Delivery Hours Non-GMO Popcorn Dairy Free Nut Free Gluten Free NO Preservatives NO Artificial Flavors / Colors Hand Blended Flavors VEGAN • Wholesale, Retail, Corporate, Private Label • Available for Corporate Events, Weddings, Employee Recognition, [...] We handcraft delicious small batch granola with thoughtfully sourced organic, all natural and local desert ingredients. Humans have done it since, well, the beginning of history.And pretty much ever since the first caveman realized he was too tired to grill a wooly mammoth after a long day of hunting, other cavemen were willing to do it for him. While the US doesn't quite date back to the caveman, it's still got plenty of old restaurants.What began as a coffee stand at the end of the pier run by a few Croatian immigrants during the Gold Rush has become a San Francisco establishment, where waiting times are as much a part of the experience as fresh seafood and loud noise.


Manufacturing authentic polish recipe pierogis, variety of different flavors, available for wholesale and retail.

Authentic homemade Polish pierogies are a delicious treat.

Pierogi [...] **Orders are processed during the above hours.

You may order outside these hours by phone, fax, email, or sales team with the understanding of that the above hours is the only time SFS order desk will processes orders.

Aside from missing out on a golden marketing opportunity during the “Mork and Mindy” craze of the 1980s, this store – also the oldest store in Arkansas – has done everything right in its almost 125 years.The small wood house dished up Southern comfort food in a tiny town surrounded by the Ozarks National Forest, but has managed to land itself on the National Register of Historic Places, making it worth a stop, even if just for the scenery.



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